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JiaBaiDa SP04S060 4S 12V 80A-300A Smart BMS

JiaBaiDa SP04S060 4S 12V 80A-300A Smart BMS

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JiaBaiDa SP04S060 4S 12V 80A-300A Smart BMS

Introduction of SP04S060 Software BMS - 4S 12V 80A 250A 300A Smart BMS

JBD-SP04S060 smart bms is a software protection board scheme specially designed for 4 strings of lithium battery packs. This smart bms supports a continuous current of up to 300A. The product adopts architecture of front-end acquisition chip by TI and MCU by HUADA, and some parameters can be flexibly adjusted through the host computer according to customer needs.

Parameter of SP04S0604 Smart BMS

LiFePO4 Battery Protection Board

Cell Specification 4 Strings of LiFePO4 Battery
Port Type Charging and Discharging are Same Port
Charging Voltage 3.6V * Number of Strings
Cell Voltage Range 2.2V~3.75V
Continuous Charging Current 80A~300A
Continuous Discharging Current 80A~300A
Consumption of Running ≤20mA
Consumption of Sleep ≤500μA
Sleep Conditions Delay 1min±30S under states in nocurrent\communication\protection
Circuit Resistance ≤10mR
Operating Temperature -20℃~75℃
Structure Size of Software BMS
Size 230±2mm  *  110±1mm  *  22±2mm

Function of SP04S060 Software BMS

Function Configuration Function Configuration
Number of Strings Supported 4S 485 Communication(Isolated) Optional
Continuous Current 80A~300A UART Port(Isolated) Not Supported
Number of NTCs 1 Built-in, 2 External CAN Communication Optional
Balance Function Passive Balance 232 Communication Not Supported
UART(Non-isolated) Standard Option Heating Function Optional
Switch Function Optional Module of Bluetooth Optional
Charging Current Limit Not Supported Battery Packs in Series Optional
Battery Packs in Parallel Not Supported Secondary Protection Not Supported
History Storage Not Supported LCD Dispaly Optional
Pre-discharge Function Optional LED Indicator Port Not Supported
Buzzer Not Supported GPS Port Not Supported


Communication Functions

SP04S060 smart bms supports four communication methods, UART, RS485, CAN, Bluetooth

The connection method is: after installing the special driver for our communication box on the computer side, insert the USB end of the communication box into the USB port of the computer, and connect the other end to the corresponding interface of the protective board that has been connected to the battery. Open the host computer, click the communication port settings, select the CMO port corresponding to the communication box, other options

do not move, after confirmation, click Start, you can read the protected data. If you need to change the parameters of the protection plate, you must first click Read Parameters on the Parameters page before changing the parameters.

About SP04S060 Smart BMS - 4S 12V LiFePO4 Battery Management System

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