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Shenzhen Jiabaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company established in February 2020. We uphold the values of "integrity, pragmatism, and refinement", and believe in doing things first, and products are character , determined to build a well-known BMS enterprise.


Dongguan Jiabaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Jiabaida. Dongguan Jiabaida was established in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, sales, manufacturing and service of lithium battery protection boards.


· Create two bases for technology development and product manufacturing;

· Operate the two service platforms of Xiaoxiang APP and smart lithium battery platform;

· Build two innovative channels of traditional e-commerce and ecological mall;

· Innovative product sales and software services are two profit growth points.

  • 400 Million+
    Annual output value
  • 5 Million+
    Annual shipments
  • 500000 +
    Monthly capacity
  • 100000+
    Number of iOT terminals
  • 40 +
    Patents and Inventions
R&D Strength
Manpower advantage
Manpower advantage
R & D personnel account for about 30% of the company's office staff
Industry deep cultivation
Industry deep cultivation
Dozens of R&D elites who have been engaged in the BMS industry for more than 10 years
14 practical patent certificates, 2 software works
Rigorous Design
Rigorous Design
The laboratory is well-equipped, and the products have passed more than 200 strict tests
Highly automated production line
Highly automated production line
The company is equipped with Panasonic high-speed placement machines to achieve highly automated production, quality and quantity production, and quickly respond to customer order needs.
Perfect MES production management system
Perfect MES production management system
The MES production management system independently developed by the company improves the consistency of product production, and realizes traceability of incoming materials, production and storage.
Strict on-site management system
Strict on-site management system
6S on-site management, maintain and improve on-site production environment, improve product consistency and pass-through rate.
Quality Concept
ISO9001 certification system
Passed the ISO9001 certification system certification, implemented IS09000 international standardized quality management, and steadily improved product quality.
TQC quality management for all staff
All personnel of the enterprise participate in the process of eliminating unqualified products. Combining prevention and inspection, focusing on prevention, and focusing on quality improvement from all aspects of the whole process.
Six Sigma Management Method
Not only focus on product and service quality, but also pay attention to process improvement. Pursue zero-defect production, prevent product liability risks, reduce costs, increase productivity and market share, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.